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My name is Ilona Shagimardanova. I am a young, brave, fun and spontaneous lady, who is always looking for new challenges and adventures. I moved to Finland at the age of 15 to get a European education. I got a life changing gift to closely experience new culture and new people. I speak and write Finnish as my second native.

I finished my Bachelor Degree in Kajaani University of Applied Sciences in Construction engineering back in 2012. After graduation I moved to work in Helsinki. Currently I am working as a site engineer in NCC Construction. My main field is renovation. I perform a technical, organizational and supervisory role on construction projects. Now I get more involved and see things from economic aspects of the project.

It is been only a 3 years since I graduated and work life welcomed me in. I have an honor already to be a part of a great and big projects in the center of Helsinki. Every day I get new knowledge and great deal of experience by Cooperating with a clients from different companies, working with the most famous architects and planners in Finland.

I am very social and ambitious. I love to travel and to meet new people. I am very passionate about working and communicating with people from different countries and cultures. I want to get more involved in the projects with other countries, as I could put to account my internationality.



I am Anne Savola and I’m originally from Satakunta.  I also have lived in Häme and for the last 30 years in Southwest Finland.  I live  in Naantali . I have studied much and I have 5 examinations (2 Bachelor’s Degree (BBA and BEng)  and 3  other Bachelor Degree. I have studied economics, ICT and technology areas (construction). It means I have also worked in a variety jobs and my career is about 30 years.  But why I am studying now this M.Sc(Tech)? I wish to get more knowledge and better opportunities for future. I would like to combine my history with these new skills in industrial engineering and management. I have been many years as system designer, consultant, project manager, it-architect and construction designer. But now I look forward for a new challenges in order to deepen my skills.

 When we have good target, we achieve good results.


Hi guys!

I´m Kristin Pöschl, a twenty year old girl from Germany.  I´m in Finland as an exchange student with ERASMUS and will stay for one semester. For this time I`m studying at the Turku school of Economics, Pori Department. In Germany I´m studying Economics and Business Administration in the fifth semester at the Bachelor´s Degree. My hometown is called Würzburg, a pretty little city in the north of Bavaria. It´s the first time for me being in Finland and also the first time that somebody from Würzburg is send here, so I´m very excited to be in this beautiful country. For my future I have planned to graduate my Master´s Degree as well and to work in a big company in the area of Marketing and Sales, because I want to have a communicative job with close contact to many people.

Anyway, as taking part at the course Knowledge Management, I´m going to write an essay about the topic “Organizations` Memory Aids”.



I’m Eetu Seppälä and I’m on my last year studying economics in Pori in the University of Turku.

Originally I’m from Paimio but I’ve lived mostly in Pori for the past 5 years. During my studies I’ve worked mostly as a fireplace salesman but recently in a position that could probably be best described as a business controller in a construction material company.

After graduating I will most likely aim to be an entrepreneur of some sort. I’ve yet to choose which of my business ideas to go for!

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